Carter Holt Harvey LVL edgeFORM®

Features & Benefits

  • Lightweight - Faster to install than traditional alternatives
  • Painted bright red for moisture protection and easy identification
  • Sourced from managed plantation forests – Available FSC ‘Chain of Custody’ certified upon request
  • Each stick is branded for ease of identification
  • EWPAA certified with quality control procedures


edgeFORM is manufactured using an ‘A’ Bond with less than 0.5mg/l Formaldehyde (equivalent to E0) emissions from the final product.

For quality assurance the edgeFORM range is manufactured with independent audit processes and product certification. Carter Holt Harvey ensures that its wood is legally sourced from managed forests and offer FSC ‘Chain of Custody’ certified upon request.

edgeFORM at the time of dispatch from the manufacturing site has a moisture content of between 8-15%.

Suitable Applications

  • Edge boards in concrete formwork framing projects
  • Boxing for residential slabs


edgeFORM AU Table1

Storage, handling and maintenance

For the longest durability and longest re-use potential edgeFORM should be:

  • Stored undercover in well-ventilated area
  • Handled and stacked with care to avoid damage
  • Stacked flat clear of the ground on at least three evenly spaced bearers
  • Re-seal cut edges with acrylic paint
  • Wet members (and sheets) should have spacers between layers to allow to dry out


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Futurebuild SDS Untreated LVL & hyJOIST

Chemwatch Material Safety Data Sheet.


Futurebuild Formwork Solutions Brochure February 2019

Our formwork solution consists of truFORM and edgeFORM and can be used as a complete solution or individually to produce a quality concrete finish.

Technical Note