Carter Holt Harvey LVL hyJOIST®

Features & Benefits

  • Consisting of structural LVL flanges and a structural web connected using a type 'A' waterproof bond
  • Available in 10 sections sizes and 3 different flange widths providing greater design flexibility for an economical floor joist layout
  • Installation and concealment of services within the floor space
  • Lightweight joist available in long lengths up to 13.2metres


hyJOIST is manufactured using a Type A Bond with less than 0.3mg/l Formaldehyde (equivalent to E0) emissions from the final product.

hyJOIST H2-S is available in all sizes. hyJOIST H2-S is treated against termites south of the Tropic of Capricorn. Other treatment levels are available from suppliers on request, but treatment is limited to above ground use and hyJOIST is not suitable for weather exposed applications. hyJOIST cannot be treated or used in ground contact applications.

For quality assurance the OSB webbed hyJOIST manufacturing process is consistent with that applied in our Product Certification Scheme for plywood webbed I-joists. hyJOIST at the time of dispatch from the manufacturing site has a moisture content of between 8-15%.

Suitable Applications

  • Floor joists for houses and commercial floors
  • Roof rafters & purlins for houses and commercial systems (suited to low pitch applications)


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For storage of hyJOIST prior to installation the product should be:

  • Stacked on level bearers to keep flat and straight.
  • Stacked well clear of the ground for good ventilation.
  • Stored under cover to keep dry prior to installation.

Note: After installation, exposure to sun and rain for normal periods of construction is not ordinarily a cause for concern.

General Installation

For houses and similar buildings hyJOIST should be installed in accordance with the details supplied in the hyJOIST installation guide and in addition to many details in AS1684 and other industry publications.



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Technical Note

Futurebuild hySPAN hyJOIST Weather Exposed April 2013

Designing for durability and moisture.

Futurebuild I-Joist Formaldehyde Certificate

Nangwarry Formaldehyde Emission Certificate


Futurebuild hyJOIST Design Guide

More options for more economical floor joist layouts. Caters for any larger spans in the floor area using the wider flange options of corresponding depth.

Futurebuild hyJOIST Installation Guide October 2016

This guide for installation provides a variety of details specific to the use of hyjoist floor systems for houses and similar buildings.


Futurebuild SDS H2 (TERMITE) Treated LVL

Chemwatch Material Safety Data Sheet.

Futurebuild SDS Untreated LVL & hyJOIST

Chemwatch Material Safety Data Sheet.